Maggie Savage

‘I continue to be inspired by the built environment and sketching on location creates tangible memories and allows me to collect uniquely personal records of a time or place.  Distilled down to its essential features with every  line and mark a  record of a fragment of time, each small sketch is a unique visual response to  a location. The act of sketching and observing also reinforces my understanding of a subject and its context and, although the original sketches may only be partially reproduced within a painting, they are an essential part of the creative process.

Back in the studio I compose a painting using  a further  series of preparatory line drawings which help to formalise an idea. The first marks on the board are pencil lines, some outline and  some more detailed. This drawn element is integral to the painting process and continues to evolve with the painiting becoming sometimes  more or sometimes  less defined as the painting develops. Often pencil details comprise the final layer in the work re–establishing a connection with the the original sketches, time and place.

Born in  Ayrshire in 1964, I trained at Glasgow School of Art 1983 –87 where I specialised in Interior Design. On leaving Art School I worked as an architectural technician with practices in Galloway and in 1990 returned to Glasgow to set up in business with fellow graduate Sam Booth, designing and building furniture and interior projects.  We moved back to  Galloway  with a young family in 1999 where I  now enjoy  the opportunity to draw and paint full time.

Below are examples of work previously shown in The Whitehouse Gallery.