Robert Kelsey DA, MUniv, PAI, FRSA

“ I was born in Glasgow in 1949 and was lucky enough to study at Glasgow School of Art in what I believe to be the best possible period in it’s history.

I was there in the late 60’s when the painting school was run by David Donaldson,  Alexander Goudie, and James Robertson. Nearly forty years on I can honestly say that the inspiration I received from this trio still lives in me. They all went on to achieve great things in the British Art scene, but sadly only James Robertson survives today.

I love the loneliness and serenity to be found at certain locations such as the beaches of the Outer Hebrides. I say loneliness which sounds like a bad thing, better to describe it as being at peace in serene places, where you can be alone with your thoughts, listen to sea birds and the trickle of water.

I have a great relationship with some major Art Galleries, and since 1994  I have had 20 one man exhibitions in galleries in London, Edinburgh, Newcastle and Chicago.

I have worked on the Management Committees of both the Glasgow Art Club and Paisley Art Institute and in 1998 I was awarded a Diploma from Paisley Art Institute (P.A.I)

My influences other than the above named Glasgow Artists are The Scottish Colourists, Peploe and Cadell. I also admire the work of the English artists Edward Seago and Ken Howard.

My wife Jean is a great help to me in the Business and makes all my canvases as well as being my strongest critic. I have a daughter, son-in-law and a grand-daughter”.

Below are examples of work previously shown in The Whitehouse Gallery.

In 1998 Robert was awarded a Diploma from the Paisley Art Institute. P.A.I.

In 2009 he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts

In 2010 he was awarded an Honorary Degree of Master of the University of the West of Scotland .  MUniv.


Thompson's Gallery, London 1994 to 2010

John Martin, London 1996, 1998

Kranenburg & Fowler, Oban  2003

Belloc Lowndes, Chicago 1999

Corrymella Scott, Newcastle 2000, 2004

Walker Gallery, Harrogate    2003, 2005, 2007


Thompson's Gallery, London 1994 to 2010

Thompson's Gallery, Aldeburgh 1994 to2010

John Martin, London 1994 to 2000

The Walker Gallery, Harrogate 1999 to 2009


Budapest 1995

London & New York 1995-2004

Chicago & Miami 1999-2001


His Grace the duke of Bedford

The Fleming Collection

*credit lyonnais* arisaig partners (Asia) Ltd

Turnburry Hotel * enterprise oil

Taylor Woodrow * Paisley Art Gallery & Museum


"Robert Kelsey - The Artist "

with a foreword by Libby Purves


by Paul Harris & Julian Halsby


32nd Edition