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Name: Alexandra Shorey


Since graduating in 2004 Alexandra has been exhibiting her horse sculptures in many prestigious galleries and interior design houses, both nationally and internationally. Her work is enjoyed for its unique style and sensitivity, drawn from childhood with her horses and other animals. She has spent the last few years experimenting with new materials and techniques, which has inspired her current body of work.

‘Sculpting my horses, creating flesh and hooves, dancing tail or flicking ear, I recall a tenderness, shared by touch and subtle gesture, a companionship which to this day, moves me deeply. As a child I sought solace in the wild places and with the creatures, exploring together the deep woods and craggy moorlands of Yorkshire where I grew up. Saddlebag stuffed with bilberries and wildflowers, we left this world and walked the paths of the wilderness, as one with the land and her secrets. My work cherishes these feelings and memories, animates them, a dance performed by long graceful necks and the spindliest of legs. My horses are as ever watchful, a guardian whose attention never breaks from its audience, at rest or in flight.

In the beginning he was born from paper and fire, so as to char but never burn. I wanted him to be beautiful and decorative, but with a hidden heart of melancholy. And when I found the art of the smithy, I built him tall as he was in life, assembled tentatively from steel rods and scrap yard curios of the old industrial city. The glowing showers of sparks and molten metal on metal, exploding, forming and reforming, breathing back life, piece by piece. Images of the long-lost restored to form in three-dimensional drawings.

The process of making itself is long with many stages and materials. I love the individuality of each piece, unique in its creation from skeleton to skin. Worked from wire, through resin clay to patination, each horse develops its own personal journey, a fragment of its birthplace hidden deep within. A joyous celebration and a painful personal experience, my work seeks the heart of its onlooker. A reminder to those who love him as much as I do, that he is as ever handsome and willing, graceful and courageous, a loyal friend who in the face of great pain and suffering, will always bear us back to the path’.

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