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Name: Fernando Mario Paonessa

Medium:bronze Sculpture


Master Paonessa holds a Diploma in Industrial Chemistry and is a member of the “N Zabaglia” School of Ornamental Art in Rome.  He has achieved the related qualifications through a course in ornamental sculpture and plastic arts.

The Process:

All work exhibited by Master Paonessa is original, unique works of art, made directly in wax first and then cast in bronze with an ancient but rarely utilised method called “Lost Wax casting”.

The colour (called ‘patina’) is added by the Master after casting, by applying acid to the surface of the sculpture and then using his artistic discretion to apply heat to selected areas, this heat changes the colour and allows the artist to polish specific parts of the sculpture to introduce great contrast and dynamism to the work.

This is a very lengthy and time consuming process.

Where you will find his work:

Master Paonessa’s work can be found in public and private collections around the World, specifically in Italy, Great Britain, Germany and Switzerland.  The work of Master Paonessa has been exhibited in many of the capital cities around Europe including Berlin, Cologne, Edinburgh, Rome, and Venice.

A selection of his Principal Works for public commissions include:

Rome 1999. “Consummatum est”, bronze, cm. 250 high. Basilica of SS Ambrose e Carlo (which is on Via del Corso, Rome) near The Spanish Steps.

Rome 2000. “The Way of The Cross”,(sixteen bronze panels), each. cm 85x15x100, original.  Basilica of SS Ambrose e Carlo (As above)

Rome 2014.  The Vatican City.  “Sculpture of St Francis”, bronze, cm. 10x26x30, original.  The sculpture was given to Pope Francis from the Association Federation of Italian Parks and Natural Reserves.

Rome 1994.  Master Paonessa won a competition initiated by the President of the National Provident Geometry for Roman Surveyors for the conception and realisation of four bronze sculptures, each 140cm high: “Archimedes”, “Euclid”, “Heron” and “Pythagoras”.  There were also two large marble statues (each 230cm, high) of Minerva (Knowledge) and Thales (Wisdom).  These are placed in the prestigous headquarters of the Palace Corrodi – Trilussa in Rome.