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Name: Fraser Irvine


My process starts by going to the location I’ll be depicting on foot, day or night, focusing on the light in the sky. Once I’m there I begin by sketching and taking photographs for future reference. This element is key to my process, at this stage I aim to catch the atmosphere and essence for the theme of the painting I’ll be working on.

Once I’m happy with my source material, I take them to the studio and begin the painting. I start the paintings by layering my canvas loosely, painting abstract layers, mark making and blocking in lights and darks, using big brushes, rags, pallet knifes, splattering and dripping paint.

Once I have the basic shape and looseness of the image, I begin to work into the painting using smaller brushes, adding and detracting, mixing colour, catching reflections and defining areas of the painting I’m depicting, but still open minded about the painting changing at any moment. This can go on several weeks, always coming back to the painting until I’m satisfied with the final image.  I tend to work in a series to keep up momentum and spontaneity in image and by passing each technique onto the next painting.