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Name: Gilly Beech


Artist Statement on Current Body of Work:

‘The essence of the work is primarily GOING BACK TO NOW. I paint these moments for people like me who appreciate a moment to just be. These peaceful images contain the sound of silence, gentle rain, swaying fields in the breeze, a gentle wind on your face, the buzz of insects, the distant sound of farm life and occasionally, when we are lucky, the heat of the sun warming our hearts.  They are meditative. Somewhere to go when life takes over, time speeds up and you just need a moment to escape from a busy, technology based, pressurised era. A detachment from our modern day conformist, ego driven lives and non stop minds. A place to just breathe.’ Gilly Beech creates an emotion in art intended to connect with like minded people who appreciate a moment to just be.

Gilly is an Ayrshire artist born in the 70’s brought up in the country surrounded by fields, streams and woodland which were her playground. During the 80’s she and her family lived in Germany where she was privileged to experience many outdoor pursuits, traveling around Germany and other surrounding countries. As a budding artist she drew inspiration from the beautiful countryside surrounding their homes, observing people and culture, and watching how the weather changes the light and lifestyles from place to place.  By nature she’d find her imaginative and creative mind lost in the contentment of the ‘Here and Now’, visually and mentally capturing moments which she felt the over whelming desire to recreate in paintings and drawings. She frequently gifted her work to family, family friends, neighbours and teachers to share the emotion and love in her work. If it was admired she took great delight in giving the piece to the admirer. She was compelled to create. Throughout her stressfull adult life she has soldiered on through ill health as a single mother, painting where possible, gaining a university education in art, and teaching art in vulnerable, underprivileged communities. Her painting themes appear to have changed often but on closer inspection it is clear that only the subject or material differs.  Each piece throughout the years expresses the same underlying emotions, created as a means of escapism: Nostalgia, reminiscently exploring the senses, love, empathy, the appreciation of life, and our beautiful earth.


Available Works from Gilly Beech