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Name: Hazel Moran


My creative background started in photography, and craft was always a hobby. I have always had an interest in the history and production of textiles. It was after moving to Argyll from Perth three years ago I started to combine my love of bird and wildlife with my love of textiles. I discovered needle felting initially, and gradually developed ideas and techniques, incorporating various textiles to make my pieces more tactile. I then founded Tweet H’art Designs.

My new surroundings inspired me to create life size studies of various species. I started taking orders for commission pieces…everything from budgies to cats and dogs,it was then I realised there was a real appetite for my work.

My creations are completely unique, in that no two pieces, even of the same species, are the same. It is important that my studies are as true to life as possible. I make use of many different fabrics including vintage lace, feathers, silks, velvet, tartans and tweeds.


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