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Name: Holly Burns


Holly Burns is a conceptual photographer and artist raised and now based in Newton Stewart, South West Scotland. With an educational background of Fine Art at Dundee University and later obtaining her BA(hons) in Photography between Dumfries and Galloway College and City of Glasgow College, there is a clear correlation between both disciplines in her work.

She enjoys creating thought provoking imagery based on her life experience, imagination and emotions. Specialising in compositing – the process of layering many photographs in post production – she creates surreal styled artwork.

Although initially appearing fantastical and more akin to a dream, her work reflects her perception of real life. Her images often consist of semiotic attributes and symbolism to give an insight into her subject matter. However, they also provide an opportunity for many other interpretations making her work relatable to everyone.

We often try to conceal our inner conflict and struggles, our questioning and doubting nature whilst all the while masquerading our external selves to show a confident, care free and happy self. This series offers an alternative approach to the traditional ‘family album’ where these internal emotional struggles are in fact expressed through the heavily dilapidated surroundings. The subjects’ inner demons are externalised for all to see thus creating a deeper narrative about their lives and not merely a snapshot of a prefabricated perfect life.

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