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Name: Leeming & Paterson


Ted Leeming

Capturing the beauty of the natural landscape and man’s interaction therein, Ted’s work is informed by a lifetime in the outdoors and a profound commitment to the environment. From a traditionalist photographic background his journey increasingly explores a variety of techniques to incite an emotive response, asking the viewer to interpret rather than simply submit a factual representation of place. Ever more concept based projects sit alongside an ongoing passion to capture the inner sense of location whatever the season, weather, light or time of day, with many images having subtle messages that reflect wider issues. Despite many monochromatic and graphic images his work is ultimately focussed towards the positive, engaging the viewer to understand and appreciate the absolute beauty of our planet and why we should seek to protect it.

Morag Paterson

A sense of belonging underpins Morag’s photographic work, which varies from the wildly abstract to more literal representations of the natural world. For her, the art of photography is process based, using the camera as a tool to express her engagement with any given location or subject. Deep immersion is important and she often spends several hours on just a few meters of stream or coast, delving into possibilities, experimenting, observing the ever-shifting interplay of light with matter. Spending many camera-free hours roaming on the hillsides of the southern uplands in Scotland or the wooded slopes of their small hideaway in the Alpes-Maritime helps build her mental scrapbook and incubate ideas.

Ted and Morag work both collaboratively and as individuals and lead dynamic and friendly photographic trips and workshops in association with Ocean Capture. Currently these are based in the UK as well as Iceland, Italy, the Faroe Islands, Croatia, South America and China. They also offer private tuition and tours, for groups and individuals as well as a dedicated mentoring programs and portfolio reviews. Leeming and Paterson live in rural south-west Scotland on their zero footprint small holding. They built their own eco house powered and heated by its own wind turbine. Their land is now fenced and reverting from agricultural pasture to native woodland with over 3000 trees planted, whilst a poly tunnel provides year round vegetables for the table. This venue and lifestyle form the inspiration for the “Zero Footprint” project. They’re very grateful to work with some fantastic partners including f-stop Gear bags, SmugMug, Paramo Outdoor clothing, Canon cameras and Ocean Capture workshops.

Project Information

The romantic Polphail “ghost village” is a memorial to the clamour of the UK’s 1970’s oil boom at a time when the industry was still considered to be cutting edge and essential, a time before the world began to seek cleaner and more sustainable forms of energy in the 21st century. Polphail speaks to us in its lost hopes for the modern world.

Purpose built in the untouched wilds of Scotland’s Argyll coast to house a staff of five hundred, the facility was completed but never commissioned, and the site has gradually fallen into disrepair. Forlorn and eerie, beautiful in its transformed, derelict state, the ghost village lies abandoned and haunted as the money moved elsewhere. Seven years ago professional graffiti artists were invited to paint the abandoned structures, and the bold work they integrated into the site now sadly molds, fades and crumbles.

Forty years on, we see just how fragile man’s control over the environment is as nature encroaches and continues to transform the site in an entwined and powerful dance. With demolition drawing near, the site earmarked for development and with the associated yard now a luxury marina and spa, the facility is also a touching metaphor for change and metamorphosis, a place where one can clearly witness man and nature colliding, and yet, ultimately, the strength and resilience of each.