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Name: Lorraine Corrigan

Lorraine Corrigan has a passionate interest in the keeping of and the artistic reproduction of the sighthound group of dogs such as the whippet, borzoi, greyhound and saluki.  Their sleek elegant lines and doe-like features have been inspirational in her
wire-based papier mache sculptures. Lurchers feature too; cross-breeding, for example, the elegance of the whippet with the hardiness of the bedlington terrier.

Lorraine’s dogs combine the qualities of delicacy through the use of wire and the sturdiness of papier mache using recycled vintage paper. Each piece has its own individual character without distracting from the beauty of the sighthound group.

‘I adore sighthounds…. Their sleek lines, grace and elegance are a sculptor’s dream and for many years have held a firm place in the Art World.

I began sculpting dogs with paper around four years ago and have now developed a sophisticated  technique using wire and layers of fine paper from recycled books. Each piece is individually made and develops a unique personality as the finishing touches of the expressive eyes and fine ears are added. At the end of the process, due to the use of the text, the piece is almost stone-like in texture. Each piece is then finished with two layers of sealant wash to preserve it for many years to come.’