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Name: Ruby Marr

Medium:Painting, mixed media

After a 22 year “life” gap, as a very successful food producer, I have returned to my first love, my art. ​

I trained in graphic design in the 1990s and indeed, when my husband and I started our food business, it was the art & calligraphy which “laid the table”. Now, it’s my chapter in life to enjoy my true calling.

My passion, is to create beautiful works of art using multiple layers of a wide array of mixed media and chemical techniques to present a stunning “glass” effect finish. I specialise in ocean art. The sea has played such a major part in my life, whether that be in my life as a commercial salmon fisherwoman, or enjoying a luxury trip across the atlantic, the sea is my “happy place”.

My studio is located, by the rugged coast of Galloway. Looking out over the estuary, the beautiful Solway rolls in, every day inspiring my work with ever changing views.

My passion for the sea and underwater world is indulged further when I visit family in the Cayman Islands. Cayman has been my daughter’s home with her husband for many years, and as a frequent visitor, I became fascinated with the aquamarine waters and made it my goal, to produce work, which can reflect the true beauty of these spectacular seas.

My recent certification as a Scuba diver, has opened up my world in many ways. Some pieces I create, are inspired by my wonderful experiences beneath the ocean waves.

My “glass like” work, I feel, captures the beauty of the ocean whether that be a dramatic Atlantic, or an idyllic paradise. My desire is that no matter where you may live, my art will bring the ocean into your home.

My work is modern and contemporary. Some days I may create with fire (literally) in my heart, others I might paint calmly and organically. Above all, I work with passion and love for the sea.  There is a curiosity in my work which enables the viewer to spend hour upon hour, unfolding each layer, finding translucent corners of colours and pigments, one laid on top of the other, each creating a work which is truly mysterious in every way. I encourage those viewing my art to look at it through an LED or mobile phone light to discover hidden depths which at first glimpse, may not be evident.

​I hope you will come barefoot along my sands, taste the salt from my waves, and dip your toes into my ocean.

Ruby Marr