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First exhibition opening of 2018

It’s always nice to have the doors closed in January, so that we can recharge our batteries and get organised for the year ahead. It’s always much nicer to open again after this period of hibernation,  and welcome in our lovely customers from the cold.

Last year we had our first photography exhibition, which went down a treat.  Regular customers loved it because it offered something a bit different to the norm, and we welcomed in new customers who are more drawn to this medium.  As we have a passion for this medium ourselves, it’s really exciting to be able to give photographers from the region and beyond a platform to exhibit their work.

‘Scotland: For A’ That’ includes a mix of documentary and landscape work. The exhibition is on until March 10th.

We have four photographers from the ‘Document Scotland’ collective involved, each one focusing on something different.

Colin McPherson’s  images are taken from Catching the Tide, a long-term project documenting the lives and work of Scotland’s last remaining coastal netsmen, fishermen who use centuries-old methods to fish for salmon.

Sophie Gerrard  has included images from her ‘Drawn to the Land’ project which takes an intimate look at the contemporary Scottish landscape through the eyes of the women who are working, forming and shaping it.

Sarah Amy Fishlock’s images were created while Artist in Residence at Glasgow’s Citizens’ Theatre, and form a portrait of the theatre and the surrounding area from various perspectives. This body of work documents this unique creative space, the unseen spaces in which it’s magic is made, and the changing landscape that surrounds the building.

Jeremy Sutton Hibbert’s images are from his ‘Unsullied and Untarnished’ series., shining a light on the upstanding youths who champion their towns during the summer Common Riding festivals of the Scottish Borders. Festivals in which they are charged with carrying the burgh or town standard around the common land and to “bring it back unsullied and untarnished.”

Local photographer David Moses is exhibiting a series of portraits, loosely based on the theme of home.  By presenting the images in a grid, with a continuity of style, it allows the viewer to engage with the subject in a way that the normal social contract does not allow.  The viewer can compare and contrast with the surrounding images.

Also local, but usually known for his wedding photography, Giles Atkinson takes a chance to step out of his usual role and explore his passion of hill walking and bothy life. Staying in bothies allows him to enjoy explore the Scottish wilderness for longer, and has resulted in a series of photos depicting his experiences. Giles aims to capture the atmosphere of the hills and bothy life, as well as celebrate the beauty of his surroundings, which he does in black and white giving the images an almost timeless feel.

Leeming & Paterson, also from the region, have a very interesting series of images from their ‘Polphail’ collection. Polphail is the now ‘ghost village’ on the Ayrshire coast, which was once built for the oil industry, and never used. These photos depict a village in decay, which, mixed with fading grafitti art, is an incredilbly eery yet beautiful subject matter.

To complement the documentary work, there are landscapes by Ann M Holmes and Phil McMenemy.  Both Ann and Phil manage to capture the atmosphere and feel of a place, as well as the beauty in their images.  Whilst Ann searches for the most remote coastal locations she can find, favouring the extreme weather and light conditions she finds in these places, this body of work is from the Isle of Skye. Phil prefers to focus more on the local Galloway area for his inspiration, making the most of the beauty that surrounds him.

John Scott has some new collections of his raku ceramic work on display, which work beautifully with the photography.

Here are some images from the opening. Please do come along and visit us if you can.

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