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Hanging the Winter Exhibition


Ever wondered what we get up to during the week we are closed? So many customers ask us how long it takes to hang a new exhibition, and are often shocked when we tell them how long the process takes.  We decided, to coincide with the launch of our brand new website and in the lead up to our Winter Exhibition, that we would write our first blog on this.

Usually the process begins on the last day of the previous exhibition. Susan and I stay late so that we can move all of the craft, furniture plynths etc into the centre of the room, and then take down all of the paintings.  Each painting is carefully wrapped, then stored until they are collected by the artists or couriers.  We then bring out the new work and, if exhaustion hasn’t taken hold of us yet, we unwrap them so that we’re ready to start with a clean slate on Monday morning.

The unwrapping is one of the best parts of the job. You get to see all these glorious pieces in the flesh, there is usually lots of oohing and ahhing between us as we take each work out from the bubble wrap.

We then lay the work out in the way we want to display it, which isn’t always the easiest of jobs when we are working with such a variety of styles and mediums. This is either a very frustrating and time consuming process, or it just comes together in no time at all, it really does vary from exhibition to exhibiton.  And then finally, the hard work begins.  Up ladders, getting sore thumbs from tightening the hooks, with spirit levels and rulers out to make sure we present the work well.  The hanging part of the process usually takes the rest of the first day and half of the second to complete.

Then onto the craft, which is possibly the most time consuming part of the changeover.  Old work is put away and new work comes out, cabinets and windows are cleaned down then new arrangements are displayed.  It’s such a nice process though, as the craft is what pulls the exhibition together and gives it all the wow factor we strive for. There is nothing more satisfying than finding the perfect sculpture to sit underneath a painting, or a new collection of ceramics which looks striking in the window and catches everyone’s attention.

We always have to find time for some energy boosting chocolate cake during the week, the perfect excuse for us both!

We are usually done and dusted by the end of Thursday, allowing ourselves one day off before the opening on Saturday. A thoroughly exhausting week, but we always find it a really rewarding experience.

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