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Introducing Laura Medcalf

Laura Medcalf is an British-Hungarian multi-disciplinary artist, who seeks immersive experience working predominantly along the British coastline, where land and water meet.  We are very happy to welcome Laura to the gallery this Winter with a body of her work.

Laura has very kindly written a blog for us, to explain her fascinating process.

‘Working with the landscape produces infinite possibilities to create. My oeuvre deals with impermanence and chance, translated onto paper. The painterly works explore the boundaries in nature through the collaboration with natural matter.

I am always amazed by the different moods and characters of the sea at different times of day. My favourite times are early mornings, when I collect natural matter for my practice. I developed a fascination with edges, attention to detail and the transience of the organic within the landscape. I continuously collaborate with my natural surroundings. There is also an element of mystery within my work, allowing the eye to wonder. There are hidden hints and recognition to different references within the pieces.

The progression in the multi-layered process reflects the subject which is a product of evolution within the natural world. The different forms of nature are hidden in our consciousness. The prints reawaken the imagination through the play of form and depth.’

‘All the works are made by the same process, yet remain individual. I cannot ever recreate the same. The pieces have their own changing individuality, one always sees different shapes and forms within them.’

‘It’s difficult to label the process of these works as they have a painterly outcome with printing technique involved. Furthermore, there is an element of photographic process embedded in each. There are multiple elements such as time, weather conditions for example the intensity of the sun, wind which evolves the outcome of the pieces.’

‘The dominant colour blue against the white is a natural reaction when the coated exposed piece is dipped in the sea.

Blue is an incredibly rich colour that permeates across my work. The colour occurs in nature, resonating with distance. The different tones of the sea water reflecting onto the blue sky to as far as the eye can see upon the blue horizon. The colour acts as a border to highlight shapes in nature which resonates within my work too. There is always a feeling of solitude and desire whilst looking at the colour contouring the white shapes.

When observing the pieces there is a sense of enigmatic property which speaks through the viewers experience.’

You can view the entire collection of Laura’s work here.

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