Amanda Phillips

Artist Statement

I originally trained as a painter then pursued a career as a chartered architect, became a university tutor at Edinburgh College of Art and Napier University for over a decade teaching architecture, graphic design, product design and drawing.  I have won awards in both architecture and painting.  I now paint full time from my studio.

I work mostly in acrylic but I like to experiment to keep my work fresh so use different media often on the same painting.  Focus is landscape based and I paint the extraordinary in what may look an ordinary view.  I use space and order and the conscious decision making process mixed with the fluidity and instinctive movement which comes from using paint.

‘I am totally affected by the seasons and my work at any time of year reflects this – and the jazz music I listen to whilst painting must come in to it somewhere too I think …. Any one piece of work can involve all sorts of painting techniques as a response to whatever it is I am painting, it’s more like a workshop than a painting studio.  I love to take risks as it keeps me excited about what I’m doing and hopefully that comes across and excites the viewer too.  There’s nothing terribly intellectual about what I do, it’s a conversation in my head with a landscape or building that comes out in paint rather than poetic words – sometimes that’s a fast process that I can’t get down quick enough, sometimes it’s slow and more contemplative and worked out.  It’s just what it is on the day really. It’s visual poetry I think – painting feelings and observations.  The viewer then comes along and attaches their own response and interpretation, just like a poem.  That can change as you go through life.  I like that, things not staying the same forever, that you see it one way and maybe years later you see it another….that ways its always fresh. ’

Amanda Phillips 2016

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