Anastasia Hille

Anastasia Hille is a studio potter making simple but striking functional stoneware  and porcelain pots from her studio in  rural East Sussex. She is inspired by the wide skies, wild downs and beautiful nature of the surrounding Ashdown Forest.

Her Mother was a Finn and gave her a Scandinavian Aesthetic taste for simple and striking colour and functional form that uplift and frame flowers and food.

She loves the alchemy of clay work… the earth, the water and fire, the magical transformations and a connection with all peoples in cultures ancient and new through the very basic and intimate objects of domestic life.

Anastasia has travelled extensively as an actress, and studied ceramics in museums around the world, learning throwing and hand building technique in studios  in Sussex.  she particularly loves the Japanese technique   of carving and fluting shinogi style, a process that brings you into a mindful present.

She has recently been experimenting with locally foraged Ashdown forest clay for figurative sculpture and more primitive rustic ware .


The Magnetic Pull of the Moon has always fascinated me and this collection are an homage to the Korean tradition of the moon Jar. The Moon and its phases influence all of nature and its growing cycles, tides and the ebb and flow of life .

These Moon jars in different sizes represent  the two extremes of the moons cycle, full and new or the dark side of the moon.

Three Full Moon Jars have a creamy white, smooth stone-like glaze, that has tiny imperfections typical of the Korean tradition. And then three New Moon jars that have a rich dark glaze with pewter flecks and a satin smooth surface.

All pieces are unique, functional and can hold water.

Each Jar is hand thrown stoneware, turned, glazed and fired several times to 1240 degrees.

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