Andy Cross

“During my teaching career I continued to make jewellery on commission for several years. Then, in 1985 I decided to concentrate on painting. Since my early retirement in 2002 I have had more time to devote to painting my favourite subjects of Landscape and still Life.

Most of my inspiration comes from the surrounding countryside of my home in Lanarkshire and from my frequent visits to France.  In my Landscape paintings I am more interested in creating an atmosphere rather than a photographic image. This can be either the damp dreich Scottish weather to the sunlit paintings of Provence.  However, my most recent work has been Still Lifes with the simplification of shapes and space.  I feel this has been influenced by my love for Japanese art and design where everything is stripped to its basic essentials.  This has led me to flattening some of the elements to the picture plane rather than conveying three dimensional objects.

It is also important to me that I keep the application of the paint as fresh looking as possible with the brush marks and scrapings still evident in the finished work.  How I can apply all of this to the textures and shapes of landscapes is still an ongoing process.”

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