Anna Smyth

As a ceramicist, I use porcelain, a pure and sensitive material, to express inner responses to observations and experiences: another voice with which I speak, in a visual, three dimensional language.

My latest work combines new porcelain forms with my exploration and development of crystalline glazes.

I wanted my work to shift; to become more expressive and ‘fluid’ in form, conveying communication and relationship with each other; metaphors for people.

​The forms are thrown and altered so that they are visually connecting with each other, some being hand carved on the outside. Inside each is a

stunning crystalline glaze in which crystals form during the firing; its spontaneous, unique outcome adding an additional layer of interest and significance to the work.

​Anna’s Ceramics studio is based at her home in County Down, and her bespoke work is showcased at creative outlets locally, nationally and internationally.


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