Avneet Cheema

Avneet is a dedicated animal artist, drawing from the age of 2. His sculpture and paintwork can be found in galleries in the UK and Australia, and has featured on channel 5. Avneet has a profound interest in uniting conservation and art, donating proceeds of his work to the WWF, the Yorkshire WIldlife Trust and Whale and Dolphin Conservation.

Avneet is an animal illustrator, sculpturist, and painter. After obtaining full marks in his art A level in college, he graduated from university as a veterinary surgeon. His insight into veterinary medicine has further developed aptitudes for anatomy and the functioning animal body.

Inspired by the illustrations and work of Henry Moore, Picasso and Xu Beihong; Avneet believes in the need for modern artistic expressions that reflect the divinity of the natural word, using animals and birds as muses. As a qualified veterinary surgeon, and having spent 6 years of detailed study of animal physiology and anatomy, Avneet accentuates the magic in nature from studies of subjects out of true love.

Avneet creates animal art with technical confidence and spiritual sureness.

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