Cameron Watt

Artist Statement

‘I studied drawing and painting at Edinburgh College of Art, in Scotland. My work is influenced through process, this happens in sketchbooks which I have kept since I can remember. I might sit in my studio and draw or I might go to the train station or somewhere busy and draw people.

I enjoy kinetic subject material, as I feel it lends itself to expressionistic forms of picture making. Despite a lot of my work being landscape-based, I feel more comfortable presenting the work figuratively as it seem more reflective to human activity opposed to a specific location or a fixed period of time.’

Watt was born in Cleethorpes a small seaside east cost town in the north of England in 1980. In 2001 he moved to Edinburgh where he studied painting at Edinburgh College of art. In 2012 he moved to Gothenburg.

Watt delights in his use of colour, gestural mark making and the physical material of paint and the development of his own distinctive palette is notable in his work. Although a distinctively contemporary painter, Watt works within a painterly tradition that can be traced back through the Post-Impressionists to the ‘kitchen sink’ school of the fifties and on through fellow lyrical colourists such as Joan Eardley.

There is an often uncelebrated poetry of the everyday and Watt, in his new paintings, reveals these quiet moments in his own distinct painterly language.

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