Catherine Rayner

Multi award winning author and illustrator Catherine Rayner has written over 20 books for children and illustrated many more for other well-known authors, including Julia Donaldson and Micheal Morpurgo. Her books have been adapted for television and theatre.

Originally from Yorkshire, Catherine studied Illustration at Edinburgh College of art.  She fell in love with the city and still lives there with her husband, two young sons and a small menagerie of creatures.

A gallery filled with Catherine’s silk-screen prints acts like an open-ended storybook. Each image is a new page and in each we encounter a new and different character, the events of whose life we are invited to consider.

Catherine’s use of surrounding space is seminal to her depiction of the animal itself, encouraging in the reader a more thorough understanding of movement, texture, and mood without unnecessary distraction. However, she will often employ a carefully positioned strand of meadow grass, or a suspended leaf, or subtly suggest a pair of receding footprints in order to give just the right amount of understanding of the creature and its
habitat. Added to this, Catherine’s considered use of colour, weight of line and texture helps the animal to ‘live’ within each image.

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