Clare Flinn

This new collection of works is based around the Galloway coast and Kirkcudbright town. Clare is primarily a landscape painter, and is constantly drawn to the wilder edges of the UK and her native Ireland. She is a frequent visitor to this corner of Scotland. She now lives in Wirral (near the beach) and works from a studio in Liverpool.

‘My main concerns as a painter involve colour, light, texture and surface marks, and these remain constant  whatever my subject matter, which varies between portraiture, landscape and still life.

My recent work has concerned the wilder places of the UK and my native Ireland.  I love these islands, and hope that this reflects in my painting.  My work is constantly evolving in my quest to simplify things to their essential elements, namely, in the case of landscape, form and colour.  I enjoy experimenting with paint, pushing its limits and using it in unconventional ways.  As well as painting, I spend my time in my studio print-making, with collagraph being my favourite medium.  Its methods of building a plate, with layers and structure and ink applied in an intaglio form, lend a lovely parallel to the elements of wind and water building our landscape.’

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