Deb Wing

Deb Wing – Artist’s Statement

After years of selling paintings, I began printing in 2017. I fell in love with the process and, on moving to Scotland in 2018, also moved from working in education to becoming a full-time printer.

The Scottish landscapes that drew me here dominate my prints and they are sold across Scotland, in England and to international collectors. In 2021, I was elected as a member of the Glasgow Society of Women Artists and I have also had work accepted by the Scottish Royal Academy.

I also teach other printers in Europe, North America and Australasia. My teaching focusses on printing as an art and seeks to experiment with techniques creating a more painterly feel and blurring the boundaries between printing and painting.

I work with only the three primary colours, black and white inks. The mixing of colours to depict the rich palette of Scotland is just one part of the printing process that both challenges and excites me. I produce only a small number of prints in each edition, often varying colour and tone to ensure each collector has a truly unique piece of art.

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