Debbie Lord

Debbie Lord was born in Dumfries and raised in Scotland, leaving to study at University in London. Five of these years were spent living in Gatehouse of Fleet including two years at Kirkcudbright Academy.

Debbie fulfilled her dream to live by the sea when she moved to Cornwall in 1996 to raise her family.

‘I love the unique, natural beauty that we have in Britain and spend much of my free time capturing its splendour. I translate these images by initially using bold colours and simple shapes, then layer glass frits and powders on top before fusing to create a glass painting full of colour and texture.

I create pictures that make me happy and hope they evoke a positive feeling in others, either as a memento of a special place or simply as a colourful picture to escape a grey day’

All pictures are made with glass which has been fused in a kiln. Summer Hedgerows in made with glass line which is a type of liquid glass. The picture has been built up and fired 4 times to gain the intensity of colour, this is done in a more “painterly” style.

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