Denise Brown

Denise Brown is a ceramic artist working from her studio on the family farm in Cambridgeshire. Her work is inspired by rural landscape, often informed by the surrounding Fens with its renowned skies, crops in fields and isolated farm buildings.

Her pieces are open to the viewers interpretation, but with the common theme of space and wild landscape. Her handmade pieces are constructed using thinly rolled slab building techniques, and textures created through mark making with found items picked up around the farm. Discarded broken farm machinery parts found on the paths and from rummaging through the scrap heap in the farmyard, along with brushes from collected dried grasses and stubble from the fields are used to create marks and feed into the narrative of the work.

Pieces are left to fully dry before decorating with her coloured terra sigillata slips. This refined watery slip allows all the textures and marks to be retained. Work is bisque fired in an electric kiln and then further decoration applied using underglazes.


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