Denise Brown

Denise Brown is a ceramic artist working from her studio on a farm in rural Fenland Cambridgeshire. Her work is inspired by themes from around the British coastline and from her surrounding Fenland landscape. Using stoneware clay, Denise’s handmade vessels are a balance of narrative and decorative. She aims to evoke memories and a sense of nostalgia.

About the Work.

Made in stoneware clay, vessels are constructed from hand-cut templates and using press moulds. The detailed images are incised by hand using a simple potter’s knife. Each piece is unique and all decorated on both sides. After construction, the vessels are left to dry very slowly to prevent excessive warping. Denise uses a copper carbonate wash to create the colour outline of the design, and then paints using a range of dry glazes and underglazes. High firing to 1230°C gives the stoneware clay a warm, weathered look, as some of the colours begin to burn away in the kiln. Each piece is then finished with the hand application of 22ct gold leaf or 12ct white gold leaf. Denise’s work aims to evoke memories, and to capture the essence of coastal and rural landscape.

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