‘I was born in Glasgow in 1947, and went to school at Laurel Bank. After leaving school I studied at Glasgow School of Art. Painting has always been my first love, and I remember sitting with my father painting alongside him , during our holidays to the far north.

I love the changing moods of light, colour and atmosphere, and I am fascinated with the vibrancy of change, the point of “in-between”. The atmosphere of place, which I find, heightens my senses. A feeling of being in the “now” with the
elemental forces, whether they are wild or calm.

I respond not only to the outer scenes but have a sense of soul responding, a kind of Celtic longing, responding to the moods of the sea, whether it is light dancing on still waters or the raging waves, wind driven on to the land.  This inner response is reflected in my paintings with colour and movement, enhanced by the inner eye, as opposed to a photographic reproduction.’

Glasgow born, Dronma studied at Laurel Bank and then Glasgow School of Art, where she graduated in 1969.
After studies at Jordanhill College of Education, and a period of teaching she became the Art Director of Glasgow Arts Centre. Eventually she moved to rural Stirlingshire while she was bringing up her family.

Until April 2008 Dronma was a part time lecturer at Forth Valley College. She now devotes her time fully to her painting, and is a Past President of the Glasgow Society of Women Artists (GSWA). Awarded Scottish Amicable Award 2007 125th Anniversary Exhibition.

Her paintings have gained her a fine reputation amongst discerning buyers of contemporary Scottish Art, as a “New Scottish Colourist”.

Her expressive landscapes may be wild and windswept, but they also gleam with an inner light.

Her work has been exhibited all over the United Kingdom, and are in private collections world-wide.  In 2008 she took part in the Primavera Art Rotterdam, and also exhibited in Vienna. Dronma’s works are in collections world wide including a private collection in Delhi.

Her unusual name is her Tibetan Buddhist name, since becoming a Tibetan Buddhist in 1976.

Dronma is published by
Di Rollo Fine Art
Edinburgh Arts
Scottish Artist Cards by Tartan 2CV
Hayhouse USA

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