Elizabeth Waugh

At 86, Elizabeth works with as much enthusiasm and energy as she ever has and still follows her great love and fascination of human and animal forms in her creative endeavors. She finds that her desires to experiment and further her creativity or to exhibit widely are not in any way marred by her age.

Elizabeth lives on the family hill sheep farm in Dumfriesshire with her rescue lurchers and whippets.

Elizabeth Waugh was born in 1929. She attended Reigate Art School for two years, having gained a scholarship at the age of 15. She then attended Goldsmiths College in London, where she specialised in sculpture. After Goldsmiths, she spent two years at the Anglo French Art Centre in London, where she worked under the tutelage of sculptor Sean Crampton. Here she had the benefit of prestigious visiting tutors who criticised student’s work in exchange for exhibitions of their work held at the centre.

Work is usually built in plaster and then cast in bronze resin, and is mainly figurative, including both human nude and animal forms. Elizabeth was brought up in close contact with animals and aims to incorporate the diverse character, movement and general “feel” of the different species from which she works.

She aims to produce sculpture, which is tactile in nature and is always pleased when she sees people touching her work.

Elizabeth was the winner of the PF Charitable Trust Fund Sculpture Prize at VAS 2006 & The Powderhall Foundry Bronze Award at VAS 2008, RSA Edinburgh. She exhibited in the VAS show for 2009. More recently Elizabeth won the A4A Art Foundry Prize for her sculpture ‘Godiva’s Day Off’ at the RGI in 2012

Elizabeth’s work is held in collections across the world, including a small piece ‘Highland Mare & Foal’ which was bought by H.M. The Queen in 2010

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