Georgie Gardiner

Georgie Gardiner studied ceramics at Harrow (University of Westminster) between 1993-96.
On completing her degree she set up a studio in North London, where she worked for 10 years.
After this time she took a break from clay to concentrate on family life. She now works from a garden studio in the beautiful Surrey Hills.
Georgie uses the technique of paper resist to decorate her thrown vessels and bowls. She enjoys the constraints and challenges working this way brings. Cutting individual pieces of paper by hand she builds up her designs as she goes, creating visually striking pieces with bold graphic motifs.
This way of working means no two pieces are ever exactly the same.
Technical Information:
All my work is thrown and fired to 1200.
The vessels are glazed inside to make them watertight.
My bowls are left unglazed so are really more for decorative purposes but I do use Renaissance wax after I’ve sanded them so they could be used as fruit bowls.
I use engobes (which I mix myself) to decorate, brushing a number of thin coats on to the surface which builds up a thickness so the edges of the cut outs are able to be felt.
It is a very time consuming process but I love the crisp quality it gives.

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