Heather M Nisbet

Heather M Nisbet is a Scottish artist who produces vibrant, stylish, contemporary paintings in an illustrative style. Her paintings have plenty of under texture, rich pigment and splattered energy. Most recently she has also moved into some abstract collage and mixed media work. She was a lawyer for over 30 years – but always in the background was a yearning to paint. After going part time in the law in 1999, Heather attended night classes at The Glasgow School of Art and studied with the Open College of the Arts – and has since been working up a style and producing and selling paintings. She moved back to her home town of Kirkcudbright in 2014.

Heather has exhibited widely in Scotland and has, in recent years, taken part in the annual Spring Fling in Dumfries and Galloway which is one of the largest open studios events in Scotland.

Heather describes her painting process: “I cut the board and paint it with three layers of white gesso… I drag the charcoal or acrylic ink loosely over the surface to sketch out some lines… I add more colours in oil pastel and smudge them all… my hands are now black! Next comes some collage pieces. Then to paint! I run water into the jars, pull out the big brushes, squeeze out the paints, mix up some colours, turn on the music and begin to  slop on the pigment….I texture the rich paint and leave it to dry…I turn again to the charcoal and ink and then again to the paint until the work tells me that it is finished….I sigh with relief….there’s nothing that compares to an artist’s life…”

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