Jack Durling

David Shepherd Wildlife Artist Shortlisted Artist – Results 31st August 2022

Jack Durling is a sculptural ceramicist who creates artwork that is emotively driven by his passion for conservation and love of wildlife. Inspired by the phenomena of the natural world his work is celebratory of the animals depicted focusing upon natural behaviours and animal congregation. Notably using decorative embellishments to subtly highlight environmental and conservational messages.
Having spent a lot of time in Dungeness as a child, known for its very wild scenery and textures, Jack developed his interest in wildlife. Textural contrasts have evolved as a recognisable feature in Jack’s work. 

Notably, his practise has extended to large-scale installation pieces with Blind Veterans UK and educational institutions such as Valley Park School in Kent, where Jack first learnt to hand build in ceramics, and is now an ambassador. 

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