Jemma K Derbyshire

Jemma K Derbyshire is a Painter living and working in Edinburgh.  Inspired by her upbringing in the Scottish Highlands, much of Derbyshire’s worked is rooted in the Landscape.

Driven by colour, light, and the​ raw elemental factors presented to her, her work is energetic and vibrant, exuding her love of the transience of the Landscape.

Light, sense of place, atmosphere and experience are fundamental elements in Derbyshire’s work. Her paintings come from her experience of, and relationship to the landscape. This may be through trying to capture the essence of a moment, weather, illumination, or perhaps colour.

Derbyshire’s initial response is something intuitive, but a painting may end up being a collection of feelings, experiences or thoughts creating a kind of memory space. It is deeply elemental and transient, capturing something that a particular moment in that landscape exudes.

​She works collating a series of drawings, colour studies and collages, done on location, and then develops these in the studio, focusing on the main elements drawn from that particular experience.  Colour and Light drive her work.

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