Johann Booyens

Artist’s Statement
For me, art is the fundamental metaphysical activity of humankind. The Impressionist artist Paul Cézanne stated that art and nature present themselves as two parallel harmonies, existing alongside one another, thereby being equal. To understand the complexity of landscape, we have to acknowledge limited understanding. Often in this limited state is where we experience higher reasoning, precisely because we acknowledge shortcomings. “We have art so that we shall not die of reality”

Johann Booyens (SSA) is a Glasgow based printmaker. His work can be seen in several international collections including the V&A Museum London, Chinese Museum of Art and Culture Beijing as well as the IPEP collection in India. He has participated in numerous group shows and printmaking portfolios and collaborate with other artists exploring new ideas and techniques. He has a Masters degree in the arts (Cum Laude) and has been teaching and practicing since 2007.

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