Laura Crosland

Laura grew up in Lancashire before studying ceramics at Wolverhampton University, leaving with a BA Hons and an MA in 2013. Following her studies she worked for potters including Richard Goodwin-Jones, Peter Beard and Penny Simpson, learning from varied studio setups and practices.

Laura then moved to St Ives to complete a year long Adopt a Potter funded apprenticeship at the Leach Pottery. After the year she became a part of the production team in the studio, making their full range of wares as well as her own work.

In 2016 Laura moved to Kent to set up her own pottery studio, where she worked and taught for 2 years before moving back to St Ives, Cornwall to set up at the Gaolyard Studios. She now teaches on the throwing course at the Leach Pottery as well as making her own work. Laura’s pots are all wheel thrown and carved with intricate designs. She takes inspiration from geometric patterns and floral designs, using layers of glaze to create rich surfaces. Stoneware clay is used and fired in an electric kiln, in an oxidising atmosphere.

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