Laura Medcalf

Laura Medcalf is a British/Hungarian multidisciplinary artist who graduated from Arts University Bournemouth with a degree in Fine Art.

Her practice evolves through capturing the transience in nature by making the ephemeral permanent through the interaction within her natural surroundings. The prints come across meditative and inconclusive for the eye to wonder. There are layers upon layers of sand, snow, flora and soil spreaded onto the surface. The practice involves a sense of natural chemistry with the aid of soluble UV sensitive crystals, exposed with the reaction of sunlight and developed in the sea. The viewer can see various tones of Prussian blue which resulted from the intensity of sunlight reacting with the natural matter and water.

Medcalf captures the characteristics of organic forms, some are more recognisable than others. She always tries to add an element of mystery to her work. Medcalf’s practice portrays the importance of touch, visually presenting a feeling, a mood in a given time along the coastline.

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