Linda Kinsman Blake

Linda Kinsman Blake (BA Hons) Painter and Ceramicist

I have worked as a potter and painter in the Scottish borders for over 40 years at our family-run studio, in the village of Smailholm. Here all of the raw materials are processed. The clays, glazes and colours are mixed, to our own recipes ensuring a continuity of colour and style. The ceramics are once fired to 1120°C and are hardwearing and robust.

The pots are hand-thrown and the specially adapted tin glaze is applied directly to the dry but unfired surface. We have perfected this process to ensure a closer bond between clay and glaze. The white glazed surface is then decorated, a particularly exacting technique, as once the brush, loaded with ceramic colour

touches the unfired surface that unique brush stroke has to be completed. No going back, no rubbing out. I continue to pursue and push these techniques to further limits ensuring that a long tradition of ceramic artistry continues in a modern way.

The highly decorative style of brushwork on my pots has naturally led to painting.  Decorating ceramics with the transformation of colour happening out of sight, to be revealed at the end of a firing has its own appeal but I have grown to love the immediacy of painting, there is a certain magic in allowing a scene to evolve with each layer of paint and colour. My fascination of fabrics and the clutter of daily living infuse all of my paintings, each is an atmospheric vignette of life.

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