Linda Lovatt

Linda Lovatt trained as an illustrator in the Welsh Borders and has worked freelance for the past 22 years. Her working life has been spent drawing and sketching constantly gaining inspiration from her gardens and the people and animals in them.

‘Coming from a family of engineers I have always enjoyed metal working of all types.  I love the robust nature of the material yet it can be coaxed, heated and beaten to create amazingly intricate work, so a pencil line has become a piece of wire that I twirl and curl, solder and twist.  This together with my other loves of folk art and french automata has inspired me to create a range of jewellery and assemblage made from copper, brass and fragments from the past then aged with chemical verdigris.

As well as giving me visual inspiration, my large and unruly garden has also proved to be a rich source of material finds from broken pieces of painted pottery to rusty old keys and pretty bottles. So it is now that I find myself surrounded by branches of dancing birds flapping their china wings and wagging their twirling copper tails to hares with brass whiskers leaping through pretty undergrowth of silver and pewter.’

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