Liz Stott

Liz Stott is relatively new to ceramic art although as a child she enjoyed playing with clay, making pinch pots from clay found in her garden. Then at school she could generally be found in the Pottery class instead of maths.

Life took her on a different path to study Print and Design at Southampton art College and then to work at Sainsbury’s Head Office in the Design Department to advise on print and packaging. Liz left London to raise a family and to assist her husband with his business before returning to study with the Open University. She graduated in 2018 with a 2:1 in History of Art.

Then the desire to create led Liz to enroll in various classes at Clay Works Studios in Dumfries under the tutorage of Chris Taylor and Lauren Gray. Liz also attended their Open Studio facility. This sadly came to an end due to lockdown but Liz purchased her own potter’s wheel and kiln to develop her craft and set up a pottery studio in her utility room at home near Castle Douglas. Inspired, like many, by the wonderful countryside and nature in this region, Liz is keen to present aspects of its essence in her work and debuts here with a selection of her stylised Belted Galloway Cows. Each cow is modelled by hand, formed from rolled slabs of clay then shaped to create a hollow body. The head and tail are then moulded by hand and attached in a way that introduces individual character to these quiet, gentle cows.


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