Lizzie Farey

Artist Statement

Using oil and pastel Lizzie Farey has returned to her love of painting after many years of working with willow.  A few summers ago  she travelled to Ullapool to attend a painting class taught by Jemma Derbyshire at Bridge House Art School rekindling her fascination with colour and landscape.

Not having picked up her paints since attending art school in the 1980’s she now paints and sketches from her studio in the High Street.   Her intuitive responses to the natural world are captured in energetic brush marks and vibrant streaks of colour. Influences of abstraction have an effect as she tries to capture the elemental wildness of remote areas of Scotland.

Well known to the area, Lizzie’s dedication to art as a means of expression has been inherent for over 25 years. The Whitehouse Gallery is the first gallery to show any of her paintings.

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