Matt Dwyer

Born and raised in the boroughs of East London, Matt Dwyer a self-taught mixed media artist has been taking paint to paper as far back as he can remember. His talent was recognised early at the tender age of 11. In later life going into his late teens he was in conflict with promising careers in both rugby union and art but realising art and design was his true passion he went on to study, emerging with a degree in graphic design. Dwyer then went on to become a freelance graphic designer building up a client base working alongside fashion companies and popular UK high street brands creating artwork for men’s clothing.

With a natural talent for painting Matt has now broken through to the Fine Art arena becoming a prize-winning artist whose artwork can be found in galleries, magazines, exhibitions and homes across the globe. His paintings often feature recognisable figures from film, TV and pop culture, along with pieces depicting the beauty of nature.

His process sees him working in mixed media including oil paint, spray paint, resin, gold leaf foil, and 3D elements – often combined in the same artwork – while his background in graphic design informs his compositions; with details such as text, double exposures of pattern and overlaid paint splatters all adding to the impact of the finished piece. As well as using traditional canvas, Dwyer paints onto wood, steel, and textured surfaces which he treats by scorching the board with a blow torch or rusting a piece of steel as well as allowing the natural lines, texture and grains to show through. The patterns of the wood and metal, which can be seen through the brushstrokes, adds to the rustic, grunge aesthetic that runs throughout the artist’s body of work. Dwyer has developed his skills and techniques over the years, creating his own visual language.

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