Nancy Turnbull

I am inspired to paint by the natural world – by changing seasons, odd reflections on a wet beach, wild flowers growing in unusual places, soft shades of green, lilac clouds, lichen on shore rocks. Wild flowers have been a fascination since childhood and red campion, bluebells and cow parsley in the hedgerows are often the features which bring my paintings to life.

There is always a reason for choosing a particular subject; something that stirs the imagination, something that not everyone would observe.

The challenge is to capture that feeling with marks on the canvas, subtle colour combinations and lumps of paint. I work in oils quickly and instinctively with knives, brushes, fingers and rags.

After many years of living in Worcestershire, I have now returned to live in Stirling, close to my roots.  I search out inspiration whereever I am. Even familiar scenes change with different light and the rotation of the seasons. I spend time on Arran, tramping familiar paths, occasionally discovering new viewpoints and particularly enjoy painting Islay and the West Coast. The big skies of Fife provide a pleasing contrast. Recent studies have been in and around the picturesque town of Kirkcudbright, Dumfries & Galloway.

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