Natalie Bell

After graduating with a First Class BA hons in Decorative Arts in 2018, Natalie set up her studio the following year in 2019, then launched her business in 2020 in her home town of Mansfield Woodhouse.

Natalie fell in love with ceramics during her degree after trying a range of materials and techniques throughout the three years of the multi-disciplinary course. Natalie now creates colourful contemporary ceramics, primarily by means of Slipcasting.

Slipcasting is usually a technique associated with mass production, her practice mainly consists of mould-making and casting. Natalie’s handmade moulds are filled with stained porcelain slip which she makes in-house, once cast and dried, the vessels are then single-fired in her kiln to 1260°c. Slipcasting allows Natalie to create repetition, a key theme in her practice.

‘’I have a passion for colour; this shows in my work and is a very important aspect for me within my pieces. I believe colour within interiors can create a fun atmosphere and bring joy to people. My current colour selection includes a wide spectrum of colours; I am also working on triaxial blending techniques to expand my palette even further.’’

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