Sarah Piper

‘I love  the coastal landscape, the physicality of clay  and the magic that is the chemistry of glazes.  I love that we were all once elements in a star and that those elements combine to make the most amazing things. I love the beautiful North East of England.

For most of my life I have been playing with clay in some form or other.

I work with stoneware clay, either to make abstract forms, pieces for smoke firing, or to make objects I would use in my home.

My Coastal Landscape Series are abstract interpretations of the force of nature abundantly evident in the coastal locations that I live and holiday in. They are hand built using slab and coil techniques, sometimes carved to pare away and reveal delicate lines, sometimes marked in heavy gestural motion to express elemental power of wind and tide. They are intentionally  layered with slip and glaze to utilise the qualities of the chemical process that produces arrays of colour and variations in depth and movement.

I hope that my work brings a little bit of reflection, of stillness, a rush of recognition, a desire to touch and hold. I hope it brings joy.’

Sarah Piper works from her studio in Northumberland.



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