Sea Drift Pottery

The ceramics created by Pauline Beautyman at her studio at Sea Drift Pottery is described as simply shaped, functional and beautiful, taking influence from the Arts and Crafts theme of creating only that which is beautiful and know to be useful. After many years learning from professional potters, Pauline set up her studio in 2016 at Holy Loch, Argyll, Scotland. Here she makes her own style of ceramics and teaches classes.
Pauline’s style of ceramics has a contemporary feel with much thought put into the design to how it will be used, held, lifted, stacked and stored. The roots of traditional teaching and deep knowledge generously shared by many potters has given strength to her motivation of functionality and simplicity of form.
Each pot made at Sea Drift Pottery is made of stoneware clay, thrown on the potters wheel then developed to completion. It begins with the rhythm and repetition of throwing all the pots in small batches. Each pot is made slightly different to retain their unique character. Inspiration comes easily being completely surrounded by the hills and shorelines Scotland’s west coast. The range of clay slips, makeshift tools of found objects, plus the glazes which have been developed at the studio, all build towards the final outcome of each pot. The final effect evokes memories of special places we’d like to call home. Weather, icy puddles and pebbles can all be directly seen influencing the layers of glaze, texture and clays.

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