Steve Robinson

Steve Robinson is a glass maker, working in kiln-forming. Originally from Scotland (growing up in Glasgow and Troon), he then lived on the Pembrokeshire coast for many years.  He is now based in Devon.

Steve creates on a variety of scales, from small ornamental pieces to large architectural commissions.  Winner of the Gold Prize for Glass in the Craft & Design Magazine awards, he is also a selected member of the Society of Designer Craftsmen and the Crafts Council Directory of Makers.   He runs regular classes and workshops at his studio in Totnes.

“For me, its always been first and foremost about colour. I’m obsessed with colour! That’s really what first drew me to working in glass – being able to create truly vibrant pieces. Using enamel powders in particular gives me the scope to create shade and texture within the colours – the possibilities are infinite – which is why I’ve chosen to specialise in enamel techniques throughout my career. 

The natural world is a wonderful source of inspiration for me. Based in South Devon midway between the moor and the coast, I take inspiration from land and sea to create pieces which reflect my love of colour, texture and flowing natural forms.

Oceanic themes of movement and fluidity, with the mesmerising colours of marine life and the forms of flora and fauna in and around the coastline, stimulate many of my ideas – from flowing seaweed to frothy waves and corals.

More recently I have been exploring themes from the nearby moorlands – including the fascinating structures and textures of the rock formations, the bracken and the woodlands.”

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