Stewart Lammie

Born in West Yorkshire, Stewart Lammie moved to Argyll as a child. He attended Lochgilphead High School, and graduated from Glasgow Caledonian University. Stewart became a full-time artist in 1996 and lived in Argyll, Sutherland and Perthshire before moving to Newton Stewart in 2004.

“I attempt to capture the mood of the landscape around me ,particularly the changing light at the coast. Plein air painting is usually the first step in my work, the experience of being in the landscape fires the creative process and ensures accurate drawing .

In the studio I am able to rework paintings over the period of many weeks until I achieve the desired result ,  I can have as many as thirty paintings on the go at any one time.  I work in oils ,the depth and subtlety of colour is important to me as are the textural advantages.

I have been a painter for over a decade and have striven to improve year on year,  I believe my work is getting bolder in the physical use of the paint and in the use of colour. I paint every day in the studio or plein air and I believe this time is valuable in improving my work.”

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