Stewart Morrison

My work is about finding a balance between opposites such as left and right, real and abstract Summer and winter, small and large painting and sculpture, near and far, success and failure.

I am based in the town of Kirkcudbright and spent my childhood growing up in Galloway, My great grandfather Thomas Morrison was born in Kelton in 1863 and was an artist and journeyman, his work can be seen on the artists footsteps website. Therefore this exhibition “coming home”  has special significance  to myself.

I paint all over Scotland but enjoy returning to Kirkcudbright, painting the hustle and bustle of the harbour with boats continually coming and going and the old town around the Tollbooth with its closes and array of gables ,where I have a studio gallery which is open during the summer months May until August.  When Painting in Kirkcudbright I realise generations of artists have stood in the very spot that I am painting, artists such as Charles Oppenheimer, Samuel  Peploe and the Glasgow boys, whom I greatly admire. Every artist stands on the shoulders of those that have come before them.

I have two approaches, on the one hand I paint en plein air, trying to cast off preconceptions about the subject ,guided by nature. Alternatively, I work from memory, free from the constraints of nature letting instinct intuition and experience be my guide.


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