Suzanne Breakwell

Born in Coventry 1975, youngest of three daughters with an unstoppable urge to make, draw & create since childhood. Suzanne studied Btec ND in design  at

Mid-Warwickshire college, she went on to study HND Photography at Bradford & Ilkley Community College & a BA(hons) Technical Arts Design for Film & Theatre at Wimbledon School of Art, London graduating in 2000. She has experience working as a model maker for film, set decorator & dresser for tv & working on community film projects. Suzanne also has experience as an arts facilitator in primary schools & community workshops. Suzanne currently lives in Brighton, East Sussex with her family.

The inspiration for my work comes from an overwhelming love & fascination with the natural world & all its glorious flora & fauna. My sculptural pieces are constructed from wire, paper mache, pages from books and cotton rag papers. I use various self-taught techniques to describe & build character to my chosen subjects. I hand paint ink on to the cotton rag papers and pages to help bring life & vibrancy to each & every piece.

I adore paper as a medium & love the beauty & simplicity of creating my pieces from a medium that is so widely used by so many on a daily basis. It’s the potential of paper & what it might be able to become which sparks my imagination. I find the delicate yet strong characteristics of paper make it an interesting & versatile material to work with. It is this contradictory nature which fascinates me & its ability to continually reinvent itself never seizes to amaze & continues to push me forward developing new ideas & techniques.


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