Suzanne Stuart Davies

Artist Statement for ‘Dreaming in Colour’ – 2024

​​There’s a touch of Surrealism in this series of paintings for ‘Dreaming in Colour’.

I have been exploring Neolithic remains in Westmorland and Eskdalemuir, north of Langholm, recently. The people of 5000 years ago travelled over Shaps Fells and on northwards – just as people do today. Their signposts and gathering places are still to be seen: stone circles, outliers, standing and recumbent stones in dramatically beautiful settings.

The Surrealism? I referred to Paul Nash [1889-1946], who included ancient and symbolic elements in his paintings. He also used natural forms and colour in a dreamlike way …..

Collaborating with Julian Francis, the ceramicist, on ideas for exhibitions and events, some of his ‘Neolithic’ sculptures and pots based on archaeological evidence, have found their way into the paintings too.

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