2021 Perspectives From Home

‘Perspectives From Home’ opens from Saturday 7th August, in our upstairs space.  The exhibition will then run until 4th September.

This group exhibition of new work by June Bell, Lynne Bingham and Nicky Sanderson inevitably focuses on the artists’ interpretation of the view from home and their internal world during the last year of lockdown.

Their common ground is a strong sense of place flowing through the work. Undeterred by limitation of movement each artist has taken the spirit of place (genius loci), which defines their own creative expression.

The group met in Edinburgh in 2016 on a professional development course, and this is the fourth time they have exhibited together.

June Bell, based in the Scottish Borders, works in mixed media, predominantly oil and beeswax on board, and takes most of her inspiration from the beautiful surrounding countryside and historical sites. She has also used her daughter (an art student at Aberdeen) as model and muse while she has been at home during lockdown.

Lynne Bingham lives in the Galloway Hills, and her work is inspired by trees she has known and loved, in the many places she has called home.

Nicky Sanderson has settled by the Firth of Forth in Edinburgh, and finds the shoreline, islands and layers of associated history, endlessly spark her imagination. Working with collage on fabric, using multimedia on paper and canvas she strives to interpret the visible and the hidden.

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