The Art of Photography 2017

The Whitehouse Gallery will be kick-starting 2017 with something a little different.  ‘The Art Of Photography’ features work from The Galloway Photographic Collective, and will run from 4th February – 4th March 2017.

The exhibition preview opening is on Saturday 4th February, doors will open from 11am and all are welcome to attend.

The aim of The Galloway Photographic Collective is to showcase the diversity, skill and photographic talent to be found in S W Scotland.  The collective comprises of eight very different photographers, each possessing their own individual approach, style, technique and vision.  Those visiting the gallery will be treated to an exciting mix of new work, covering fine art, wildlife, landscape, documentary and portraiture.

Allan Wright and Jesse Beaman are both landscape photographers, capturing the beauty of the landscape by sunlight, moonlight and starlight. Allan Wright is one of Scotland’s foremost Landscape Photographers, and has been photographing Scotland and his adopted homeland of Galloway for 30 years. Allan has developed a distinctive style of interpreting landscape through his use of colour and his handling of light.  Jesse Beaman specialises in Astrophotography, so his passion lies with the beauty of the night sky. Galloway is famed for its light pollution free skies which provide the perfect environment for Jesse to work.

Tom Langlands and Roger Lever’s enthusiasm for photography is evident in the wide range of subject matter that they capture. It is Tom’s images of Scotland’s flora and fauna, reflecting the stunning biodiversity of his homeland, that really defines his style. In this exhibition, Roger Lever, will also be exhibiting wildlife works, along with landscapes and portraiture.

Both inspired by a recent Galloway Photographic trip to Morocco, David Moses’ latest collection of photographs document real people and events from his time there.  Laura Hudson Mackay creates images using a medium format, Hasselblad film camera made in 1957, choosing to work in black and white to give her Moroccon images an honest and timeless feel.

Holly Burns is a conceptual photographer and artist who enjoys creating thought provoking imagery based on her life experience, imagination and emotions. Specialising in compositing – the process of layering many photographs in post production – she creates surreal styled artwork.

Kim Ayres is also known for portraiture or creating staged scenes, which tell stories and draw the viewer into other worlds.  In his latest collection of photos, Kim focuses upon light, line and form when photographing a retired ballet dancer, capturing the beauty and elegance of the human form.

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